ACSR Report

ACSR also recognized some cross committee CSR work with the collaboration of ACGSA; to enhance and protect nature through green practices; the ACPP, by recognizing new practice models in a sustainable manner and to make a resisting profession during hard economic turmoil; ACYA to explore new concepts and ideas to

The Architecture of/in/on/from the New Normal

ACYA Web Forum 2020 is a three session webinar organized by ARCASIA Committee on Young Architects. The program aims to continue knowledge sharing among country members amid the traveling restrictions due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The theme chosen is relevant to the current pandemic. Through rigorous promotions, the webinar is

Report on ACSR/AEA Virtual Engagement Meeting on 8 May 2020 (and overall action plan)

  COVID19 is affecting everyone in the world. While architects are not on the front line like our medical counterparts, we have an undeniable duty to contribute to the fight as the built environment clearly constitute a major contributor to the war against the pandemic. As different countries are at

The Response of Architecture to Pandemic : How COVID-19 Impact the Design?

The first speaker, Ar. Joan has shared with participants, of the architectural response during the pandemic. That included conversion of public buildings into quarantine centers and crowd-sourcing efforts to produce PPE suits for frontliners. She concluded her presentation with a series of sustainable design principles for the young architects to